A Year in Review 2018

As we close another year working at Moody Theological Seminary, Moody Bible Institute and beyond, we are amazed of the work that God is doing in our country, and how we get the opportunity to be a voice for marriages and families today.  This year we have had the opportunity to engage more with the student body here on campus through courses at Moody Theological Seminary.  We also sponsored students to attend the AACC conference this past September, where both Dr. Trent and Dr. Deb Gorton led a sold out session.  Our students this year have done an amazing job of continuing to represent Moody Theological Seminary’s Counseling department well, as they led the charge on the first Mental Health and the Church awareness fair on Moody’s campus, and presented posters at the AACC Conference in Dallas, TX.  In addition to teaching Seminary students Dr. Trent has been able to represent Moody in partnership with many marriage and family conferences as a speaker, such as D6, AACC, Family Camp at Forest Hills, and Maranatha Bible and Missionary Conference to name a few.  Dr. Trent also finished editing along with Becky Byrd, Curt Hamner, Eric Johnson and Erik Thoennes the book, Marriage: Its Foundation, Theology and Mission in a Changing World, which is now available for purchase.  The book has been a three year work in progress, as it is a collaborative piece between both theologians and practitioners speaking on the subject of marriage from an evangelical perspective (Moody Publishing). The other highlight of this year, has been the opening of the new Chapman Center building here on campus and the anticipation of the new President, Mark Jobe starting his role in 2019.  We look forward to engaging with a broader audience as we are working on a podcast with faculty from Moody Bible Institute to continue to address the challenges individuals, couples and families are facing today.  So, we are hopeful as another year has already begun, for our Lord is good.  – Becky and Dr. Trent


A resource for your marriage

Sometimes we can get bogged down in the amount of resources that get pushed our way. A new book, a new magazine series, a new blog or vlog, podcast, or youtube channel.  Its no wonder that some of the best resources are the ones that we don’t find with all the web traffic we have to weed through to find exactly what we are looking for.  Moody Publishers has a site called: Start Marriage Right.  It features many of the authors, bloggers, etc. that are marriage experts in their own turf.  So, we would like you know about this great resource.  Let us know what you think.

Need a little blessing in your life?

Dr. John Trent’s The Blessing talks about whether you received a blessing and how to even in the midst of your own pain, how you can receive healing and extend a blessing to your parents, kids or others in your life.  If you have kids there is a version for them as well. A great read on the beach or pool-side or for your next road trip. Let us know what kinds of discussions  come out of your time as a family talking about what it means to receive and give a blessing.


Are you a Lion, Otter, Golden Retriever, or Beaver? How do you and your family members relate?


Have you ever wondered how you are wired as an individual to relate to others and how others are wired to relate to you? Take a few minutes to take the free personality assessment created by Dr. John Trent  as a step towards understanding yourself and those around you.  Is your family a wild kingdom, or a family of lions? Leave us a comment here on the blog on your findings.    Strong Families LOGB Personality Assessment


Dr. Trent speaks at Black Conservative Summit in Washington D.C.



Leaders and Activists got together in our nation’s capital to discuss the status of the Black American Family.  Dr. Trent shared his thoughts on what we need to do to build strong families and was followed by speakers Walter Hoye from Issues4Life Foundation , Ryan Bomberger founder of The Radiance Foundation and a panel that included Dr. Eric Wallace, Dr. Alveda King, and Bishop Lance Davis to name a few of the speakers represented.



Finishing Well

It is the end of another semester at Moody Theological Seminary here in downtown Chicago, IL.   I (Dr. John Trent, Ph.D.) had the honor of teaching a class on contemporary issues in marriage and family this Spring.  In the next few months we will be featuring some of their work from the class here on our blog.  But for now, praying for these students as they head back into their jobs, internships, practicums or just family life.  A job well done by all.  

MTS Counseling Students join @ChrisFabryLive on the Radio

One of the advantages of having Dr. John Trent, author, speaker and professor at Moody Theological Seminary is the the opportunity to take the classroom to the air, literally.  Four Seminary students joined Dr. Trent this past week to discuss some of the contemporary issues in marriage and family with Chris Fabry on Chris Fabry Live (Moody Radio Chicago).  Click on the following link to hear their discussion: https://www.moodyradio.org/programs/chris-fabry-live/2017/04-2017/2017.04.06-lasting-friendships—contemporary-issues/