We are about to move into the new Chapman Center at the Grand Opening the first weekend in November 2018.  This space allows us to be more intentionally collaborative with both students and faculty of Moody Bible Institute, Moody Publishers, and Moody Radio.

The Gary D. Chapman Center is an endowed ministry at Moody Theological Seminary, originally envisioned by Dr. Gary D. Chapman, author of the best-selling book, The Five Love Languages.

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In May 2014, Dr. John Trent, President and founder of Strong Families accepted the honor of becoming the first endowed chair with Dr. Chapman’s namesake.

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On September 2014, Dr. Gary Chapman and his wife Karolyn announced the future plans to open what is going to be called the Chapman Center.

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The Gary D. Chapman Center is a building, but it is also the ministry, led by Dr. John Trent that comes out of the collaboration between education, publishing, radio and conference ministries at Moody Global Ministries in Chicago, IL to influence and become a resource for marriages and families. (see map)

Moody Bible map_3 copy



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